Pop-Up Broadcast Services


Pop-Up Broadcast Services

Live broadcast, archive capture, post production

The vehicle has been designed specifically with live capture and streaming in mind. Whether this be a small community event, a large music concert, news, sport or civic events – StreamTeam.UK can broadcast live, capture audio in multitrack for archiving or remixing in the studio or act as a post-production base for the edit of audio and video on-site for later broadcast or sale into a merchandising channe

On location studio work

“If you can’t bring your inspiration to the studio, then bring the studio to your inspiration!” StreamTeam.UK are well equipped to provide studio-standard facilities on location at a venue of your choice. Whether it be a remote farmhouse, a cliff-top castle or a one up, one down in suburbia – if we can get the truck within 100m then StreamTeam.UK can bring a powerful multitrack studio right to your door.

A Presentation hub

In the vehicle design we wanted to ensure there was a comfortable space with appropriate acoustic properties, as a focus for presentation and interview.

We can provide mics and headphones in this area which have the capacity for off-air talkback facilities to appropriately manage professional live broadcast services.

Whether it be live radio, TV or location recording services we have the production knowhow to manage the duck’s feet, paddling like the dickens, whilst keeping the performance calm and smooth!

Our broadcast facilities further allow for the addition of text and graphics which readily allow branding, on-screen titling and announcements for a full production/presentation package.

A production hub

Communication between the production team is vital to keeping the broadcast afloat. Each camera position can communicate with the vision mixer and the vision mixer can provide instructions through headphones.

The audio and video team have direct contact and the audio producer benefits from powerful talkback facilities on the vi2000 mixer. In addition to direct contact, both the control space and lounge area benefit from open talkback which offers an opportunity to listen in to ambient communications between the production team. This ensures the vehicle is party to all technical comms throughout.

Our ‘video table’ is unique in that it can be used in the audio booth, in the hospitality/production area OR stage/pitch-side for true action awareness.

In addition, post production edit facilities readily service a location news or presentation hub – and with the resources to go live at any time.

Our offer...

StreamTeam.UK bring a wide range of services to your door whether it be giving the minority community voice a broadcast audience, sharing a remote music performance, delivering a practical podcast workshop, the sharing of a cultural event, supporting ‘big screen’ activities, filming a creative workshop or performance, creating virtual exhibitions and tours, providing classroom-based media creation experiences, up-skilling communities, young people or trainees in the use of streaming.

For any creative endeavour that is enhanced through the use of contemporary AV and broadcast technologies, StreamTeam.UK are there to provide the hardware and expertise for you to connect with as wide an audience as possible.

We are also wholly aware of today’s presiding sustainability agenda and believe mobile services contribute to a more scalable, sustainable and environmentally responsible means of sharing creative activities without the mass-movement of people or hardware.