Pop-Up Broadcast Services


Pop-Up Broadcast Services

Audio/Video Capture Equipment

64 Channel Multitrack Audio
8 Video Cameras for Maximum Flexibility
Drone Footage Capture
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  • Soundcraft Vi2000 64 channel digital mixing desk (96 ch at mixdown)
  • Soundcraft stagebox MADI over fibre 64 + 32
  • Adams AX7 monitor speakers + Sub
  • Denon USB/SD solid state 2trk recorder/player
  • 64 x 64 Dante network (+PoE)
  • MacPro running multitrack Reaper/Audition/Pro Tools DAW with LG 34″ monitor
  • Denon 6-channel guest mic mixing facility
  • Studiospares 6-channel guest headphone mixer
  • Studiospares passive mic splitters (x64)


  • 2 x Sony FDR-AX53 4k Cameras, and camera talkback services
  • 2 x Zowietek PTZ Pro Camera with 20x zoom and GEM remote control
  • 2 x Sony X3000 4k Action Cameras
  • 4 x 100m HDMI over optical cables
  • 4 x 100m Hollyland wireless HDMI transmit and receive modules
  • Roland V-8HD, 8 input digital vision mixer with LG 34″ monitor
  • HP PC running OBS video production software
  • Elgato 4K SDI streaming card
  • Audient EVO4 Audio Interface
  • Teleprompter/Autocue
  • Green/Blue Screen Backdrop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro editing
  • DJi Mini 2 Drone


  • RUT950 HG12C0 4G/LTE Dual SIM cellular router for wireless connectivity with MIMO antenna
  • Sony digital mic receivers (x2)
  • Sony digital wireless mic beltpacks (x2) for handheld and lavaliere use
  • Wireless handheld presenter mics (x2)
  • Drum, vocal and instrument micing
  • Audience micing and suspension systems
  • Sennheiser/Shure In Ear Monitor beltpacks (x6)
  • Razer laptop for audio/video post
  • Open talkback facilities to control room and hospitality
  • Mic stands, clamps, stage hardware
  • Television, Microwave, refrigerator, kettle (running from tech- power

The StreamTeam.UK

Our fully-equipped mobile production studio/video capture vehicle provides both powerful audio and video editing capabilities alongside comfortable, acoustically treated surroundings with interview space with green screen and hospitality options.

Spec and Requirements:

  • Transit LWB H3L4 “Jumbo”
  • 16A mains supply requirement
  • Max 100m distance from vehicle to capture location
  • Level surface preferred

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